Key highlights of COPASAH webinar on Regional Experiences and Voices Reflecting Ground Realities (held on April 24)

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Synthesized learnings from the COPASAH webinar on COVID -19, on the Theme - Regional Experiences and Voices Reflecting Ground Realities held on April 24, 2020.

The presenters highlighted the following key issues that prompted interaction and discussions:

1. Health systems reality check:

2. Human Rights Violations:

3.Vulnerable People:

4. Questioning the assumptions as COVID19 response:

Key messages from the webinar:

  1. The reality has awakened us to the reality of weakened public health system due to prolonged neglect and how it can affect adversely during crisis
  2. It has awakened us to what happens to the most unequal people when the government as ‘one size fits all’ response in situations such as COVID19 pandemic
  3. The assumptions that are underlying the suggestions of public health elites as response to the pandemic, viz. wash hands, stay at home, physical distancing etc. need to be questioned. It does not take into account the reality of the marginalised people.
  4. Governments have not provided basic facilities such as housing, water etc. Do the governments have the right to ask people to adhere to these norms without providing them these basic facilities?
  5. Poverty, water, and other social determinants of health now operate as compounding factors to further marginalise people during the pandemics
  6. Calls for strengthening primary health care, more than ever.

The Webinar ended with saluting health care workers who are at the forefront of facing this crisis. They are at once the victims of the weak public health system and simultaneously  carry on their shoulders the burden of COVID19.

Latin America, CEGSS (Guatemala) team members shared a video message on COVID 19. It can be accessed on:

Please do watch out for updates on upcoming COPASAH webinar between May 5-8, 2020 on Practitioners responses to COVID-19 crisis – Global Experiences of reaching out to the Community.


COPASAH Communication Hub Team!  

As different countries across the globe are grappling with COVID -19, COPASAH brings solidarity to all the practitioners and pro-people advocates who are at the forefront defending, tackling, responding to and dealing with this pandemic. COPASAH is proud to engage and associate with the incredible organizations, members and practitioners across different regions of the world- civil society organizations, health care providers including frontline health workers, researchers and academia, professional bodies to mention but few – concerned with the wellbeing of the vulnerable communities and the disadvantaged.

To highlight upon the regional aspects of the COVID -19 pandemic and the efforts being pursued to deal with it, COPASAH in this webinar brings to you regional voices showcasing the ground realities and experiences.