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Presentation of the Report on health within the Universal periodic Review (UPR) process, UN Council on human rights at the pre-session (29.11.2013) - Geneva

Marija Gelevska on behalf of the Association ESE on 29.11.2013, as part of the UPR process at the UN Council of human rights in Geneva, presented the key areas of concern and recommendations to improve the health status of vulnerable groups in R.Macedonia.

The report on health within the second reporting cycle of R.Macedonia as part of the Universal periodic Review was prepared by the Association ESE with support from the Foundations Open Society New York and Macedonia through cooperation among 10 civil organizations: KHAM, Coalition Sexual and health rights of marginalized groups, HERA, HOPS, LGBT Centre –Helsinki committee for human rights, National Roma Centre, Poraka, Roma Resource Centre, Roma SOS and Open Gate – La Strada.

The submission on health includes the key problems and recommendations to improve the health of the following vulnerable categories of population: Roma, people living with HIV/AIDS, LGBT persons, women, people with intellectual disability and victims of human trafficking.

The purpose of the participation at the pre-session was to present the situation in R.Macedonia regarding the respect for the whole corpus of human rights and the activities taken to improve the situation from 2009 (First reporting cycle of RM)  to the second reporting cycle of RM, i.e. February 2014.


1. Statement UPR – Association ESE - Republic of Macedonia

2. Joint submission on health to the UPR - ESE and other CSO’s

3. Key issues of Concerns  and Recommendations









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