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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.




YES for funding for improvement of women’s health, NO for campaigns that discriminate against women

Today, the association ESE, in cooperation with the civic organization HERA organized a press conference and public debate in order to present the key findings of the conducted monitoring on spending budget funds for the media campaign “Choose life, you have the right to choose” and the findings from the survey conducted with the population and gynecologists regarding their perception and views about abortion.

The government of RM, instead of spending 10% of the budget for preventive health care for one media campaign that discriminates against women and violates their reproductive rights and also stigmatizes women who have already made or plan to make an abortion, SHOULD use the funds for promotion of women’s health and provision of quality and adequate preventive services through the program for active health care for mothers and children and program for early detection of malign diseases.

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