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Women's Rights Advocates Outline Opportunities & Challenges for Climate Action Towards COP26

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The Women and Gender Constituency provides a number of ways for civil society and non-governmental organizations which work for women’s rights and gender justice, environmental protection, or both, to influence the annual conferences and help develop the UNFCCC. Website:; Twitter: @WGC_Climate

The Women & Gender Constituency’s View on Progress & Challenges on the Road to COP26

In the midst of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) virtual Subsidiary Body discussions, women’s rights and feminist advocates outline key opportunities and challenges for delivering ambitious climate action towards COP26.

Source: WUNRN – 10.06.2021

UN S-G 2021 Report on the SDG's - Goal 5 on Gender Equality& Empowerment +

UN S-G 2021 Report on the SDG's - Goal 5 on Gender Equality& Empowerment +

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Microsoft Word - SG SDG Progress report 2021 unedited

SDG Goal 5. Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

62. The socio-economic impacts of COVID-19 have adversely affected progress made in recent years in relation to gender equality: violence against women and girls has intensified; child marriage, on the decline in recent years, is also expected to increase; whilst increased care work at home is affecting women disproportionately. The pandemic has highlighted the need to act swiftly to address existing gender inequality that remains pervasive globally and get back on track to achieve the goal of gender equality. Women have played a critical role in the response to COVID-19, as frontline health providers, care providers and as managers and leaders of the response and recovery efforts. Yet, they remain under-represented in critical leadership positions and their rights and priorities are often not explicitly addressed in response and recovery measures. The crisis presents the opportunity to re-shape and rebuild systems, laws, policies and institutions to advance gender equality.


EU - Combating Gender-Based Cyber Violence

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Source: WUNRN – 09.06.2021




Rape as a Grave Violation & Manifestation of Violence Against Women & Girls - UN Special Rapporteur Report

UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women – Website:

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Source: WUNRN – 29.05.2021



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