Association ESE


   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.




Strategic priority 3: To promote fiscal transparency of institutions in the field of social and economic rights

We will raise public awareness and status of information of citizens by providing information and educational content related to the fiscal transparency and the need for budgeting based on priorities, which will contribute toward strengthening the capacities of the citizens to understand and practice their rights for access to information, better understand how the public system works, better understand the information provided by the public institutions, as well as use the information to hold the government accountable. 

We will continuously evaluate the level of proactive and reactive transparency of public institutions, as well as the level of transparency in public procurement procedures. We will work on identification of the fluctuations in level of openness of the public institutions and deficiencies in the procurement procedures and we will make continuous pressure on the public institutions in order to emphasize how much they are lagging behind, and at the same time to know that their work is continuously monitored.

We will provide solutions and follow-up of adopted measures for promotion of fiscal transparency and access to information through participation in the process for open government that are already in place. 









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