Association ESE


   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.




Strategic priority 1: To engage citizens in the processes on planning, implementation and evaluation of legal regulations, budgets and services in the field of social and economic rights

We will strengthen capacities of local and national level CSOs to implement the social accountability and legal empowerment methodologies, including Roma CSOs, CSOs working in the health area, CSOs working on gender equality and employment, and CSOs working with different marginalized groups. This will be conducted in order these CSOs to empower and mobilize the communities with which they work in order to strengthen the participation of CSOs and citizens in demanding accountability from the Governmental institutions. Also this work will strengthen their capacities for participation in the decision making processes and in the processes of monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of relevant policies and budgets with focus on right to health, right to employment and right to social protection. At the same time we will strengthen capacities of the Governmental and public institutions from the health sector in order for them to increase the citizen’s participation in the processes of decision making and oversight of the implementation of the relevant policies and budgets.

We will meticulously gather evidence on implementation of the relevant policies and budgets and the scope of coverage of the direct beneficiaries and the impact that these policies are meant to achieve including – level of access, status and outcomes of the beneficiaries. We will gather data related to different social and economical rights such as health of Roma, women’s’ reproductive health and health of mothers and children; affirmative employment measures and policies with emphasis on women; unpaid care work in the households and implementation of the policies and budgets relevant to this issue.

We will demand accountability from duty holders and improvement of: the health status and health outcomes of the vulnerable groups of the population, status of employment and status of the families and individuals providing the care, especially improved access to social and health protection.









Fiscal Transparency

Social accountability for gender equality

Health Rights

Domestic Violence 

Legal Aid Center

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