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Policy and Issue Brief Navigating Complex Pathways to Justice: Engagement with Customary and Informal Justice Systems

In the developing world, 80% of disputes are resolved by customary or informal justice systems (CIJs). This means that a majority of women rely on dispute resolution outside of the formal courts. Issues of significance to women, such as inheritance, family formation, divorce, property rights, control and governance over land and natural resources, and even violence against women and girls, are resolved or adjudicated in these systems. Despite their perceived advantages, CIJs are often skewed against women, favoring male-dominated structures, patriarchal values, and discriminatory and harmful outcomes for women. While understanding the need to enhance justice delivery, these challenges compel placing women’s issues and concerns at the center of any conversation on CIJs.

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Извор: WUNRN - 04.10.2019



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