EU - Council of Europe Methodology & Tools Help Countries to Map Support Services for Victims of Violence Against Women

Strasbourg 23/04/2019 - The Council of Europe has developed a methodology and tools to draw inventories and to chart the various support services available for women who are victims of the diverse forms of violence covered by the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, known as the Istanbul Convention.

The methodology and tools “Mapping support services for victims of violence against women in line with the Istanbul Convention standards”, developed by Professor Liz Kelly from the London Metropolitan University, take into account in particular the distinction between specialised and general services, the forms of violence and the types of support that should be available. It thus helps countries to collect all pertinent data on support services actually available, whether they are run by central and local public authorities or by non-profit organisations, to identify gaps and improve support services for victims of violence against women and domestic violence. It includes guidelines to use the tools, including definitions of key terms and concepts; a participatory methodology for data-gathering; three data templates addressing specific support sectors and an appendix with relevant articles of the Istanbul Convention.

“This is a great tool, especially for states parties to the Istanbul Convention, as they prepare for GREVIO monitoring. It helps authorities collect data on support services and decide how to improve those services”, says Caterina Bolognese, Head of the Gender Equality Division at the Council of Europe.

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