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EU - The Europe We Want? Feminist Approaches to Gender, Migration & Democracy

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Overcome the invisibility of refugee and migrant women

The current debate of the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” shows how ‘migration’ remains a highly disputed issue. It is being used and manipulated by right wing populist parties who promise ‘security’ by impeding immigration, whilst masking problems of inequality and social insecurity in Europe.

The restrictive and externalized European border regime has a heavy impact on the personal safety and security of refugees and migrants, especially for women. Whereas root causes of (forced) migration urgently need to be tackled, security demands must be balanced against the respect for (women´s) human rights and the benefits of migration.

Almost half of the international migrants and refugees are female. In order to understand specific push factors for women who leave their countries, the specific disadvantages of women and girls need to be taken into account, such as structures of discrimination against women in civil life and culture, for example a lack of education or professional training for girls, absence of sexual and reproductive rights and other factors that hinder them to live a life in dignity and/or to sustain their families.

Извор: WUNRN – 16.02.2019



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