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Freedom in the World 2017 - Populists & Autocrats: The Dual Threat to Global Democracy - Gender

Protesters shouting nationalist and anti-immigrant slogans disrupt a tribute in Brussels, Belgium to victims of terrorist attacks. March 2016. Credit: Kristof van Accom/AFP/Getty Images.

Freedom in the World 2017 - Gender

Populists & Autocrats: The Dual Threat to Global Democracy

Freedom in the World is Freedom House’s flagship annual report, assessing the condition of political rights and civil liberties around the world. It is composed of numerical ratings and supporting descriptive texts for 195 countries and 14 territories. Freedom in the World has been published since 1973, allowing Freedom House to track global trends in freedom over more than 40 years. It has become the most widely read and cited report of its kind, used on a regular basis by policymakers, journalists, academics, activists, and many others.


Direct Link to Full 28-Page 2017 Freedom House Report:


Table of Country Scores: https://freedomhouse.org/report/fiw-2017-table-country-scores

Key REPORT Findings

*With populist and nationalist forces making significant gains in democratic states, 2016 marked the 11th consecutive year of decline in global freedom.

*There were setbacks in political rights, civil liberties, or both, in a number of countries rated “Free” by the report, including Brazil, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain,  Tunisia, and the United States.

*Of the 195 countries assessed, 87 (45 percent) were rated Free, 59 (30 percent) Partly Free, and 49 (25 percent) Not Free.

*The Middle East and North Africa region had the worst ratings in the world in 2016, followed closely by Eurasia.

Извор: WUNRN – 03.09.2017



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