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Global Risks Report 2018 - Gender

Each year the Global Risks Report works with experts and decision-makers across the world to identify and analyze the most pressing risks that we face. As the pace of change accelerates, and as risk interconnections deepen, this year’s report highlights the growing strain we are placing on many of the global systems we rely on.

This year’s report covers more risks than ever, but focuses in particular on four key areas: environmental degradation, cybersecurity breaches, economic strains and geopolitical tensions. And in a new series called “Future Shocks” the report cautions against complacency and highlights the need to prepare for sudden and dramatic disruptions.


What the Pay Gap Between Men & Women Really Looks Like

The average pay for women in 2017 was $12,000, compared with $21,000 for men.

Briony Harris – 06 Nov 2017 – Reviewed at World Economic Forum Davos 2018

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Men are still being paid much more than women. And their earnings are increasing more rapidly. This means the pay gap is widening, despite numerous initiatives to break glass ceilings and force salary disclosure.

These figures are included in the World Economic Forum’s wide-reaching Global Gender Gap Report 2017 which looks at the differences between men and women in four key areas; health, economics, politics and education.


Cervical cancer prevention and control is saving lives in the Republic of Korea

Korea Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

2 February 2018 – The Republic of Korea is demonstrating how it is possible, through investment and expanded universal health coverage, to reduce illness and death through cervical cancer prevention and control, also a key focus of World Cancer Day on 4 February.

Talking about sexual and reproductive health can be difficult for many people. In the Republic of Korea, WHO recommendations are helping health authorities overcome such challenges as part of a nationwide effort to protect many girls and women from cervical cancer.

One mother, Young Shin Seo, recently took her daughter to see a gynecologist in the Gangdong district of the capital, Seoul. Her daughter was nervous, she says. But the specialist quickly put her mind at ease.


Gender Inequality in Global Health - Power & Pay Differentials


By Laurie Garrett - December 26, 2017

Since the Harvey Weinstein sexual atrocities first came to light in early October, nearly every day has brought news of another male authority figure who has used his power to impose himself sexually upon women, even girls. People worldwide are learning that the glass ceiling that has long held females below top leadership positions in their professions is tied to egregious sexual obstacles that women have always known about, but most men now profess shock and dismay to discover.

As the global conversation about sexual predators expands into larger issues about power and the inequitable workplace, it’s remarkable to consider how gender issues play out in professions that are overwhelmingly female, yet still controlled predominantly by men. Public health is the perfect example, both of this imbalance in power in a female-majority field and of the impact that inequity has on the activities and products produced by the profession. The majority of people working in health worldwide are female — by far. But the majority of their bosses and global leadership are men.


Why 2018 Must Be the Year for Women to Thrive

What opportunities will 2018 bring for women? Image: REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci

1.       Christine Lagarde - Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

2.       Erna Solberg - Prime Minister of Norway, Office of the Prime Minister of Norway

19 January 2018 - The need for greater respect and opportunities for women is becoming an ever more prominent feature of the public conversation. Longstanding advocates for women’s empowerment are feeling energized, while countless others — women and men alike — are being persuaded of the urgency of this task. This year at the World Economic Forum the challenge of female empowerment is also firmly on the agenda, because giving women and girls the opportunity to succeed is not only the right thing to do but can also transform societies and economies.



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