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The Gender Pay Gap Can Affect Women’s Physical & Mental Health

The gender pay gap is very, very real. Women all over the world are paid less than men, and in the Staters, Equal Pay Day, on April 10, marks how long into 2018 women have to work, on average, to earn as much as their male counterparts did in 2017 — though, as the official Equal Pay Day website notes, that date differs greatly depending on your race. And while there are many hypotheses for why this pay gap exists, one thing is for sure: like other kinds of systemic discrimination, the gender pay gap can affect your health in some pretty surprising ways.

There have been pretty strong studies of the relationship between systematic wage discrimination and mental health issues. In 2016 data published in Social Science & Medicine found that women who earned significantly less than men in the exact same job in the U.S. had a heightened risk of experiencing major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety. When the pay gap was reduced, the risk plummeted. It's not just in America, either; the World Health Organization has found that income inequality worldwide is a big challenge to women's mental health.


The Legal Protection of Women From Violence - Normative Gaps in UN International Law +

Friday 6 April 2018, by siawi3

Source: Routledge, April 2018 - https://www.routledge.com/The-Legal-Protection-of-Women-From-Violence-Normative-Gaps-in-International/Manjoo-Jones/p/book/9781138737969

The Legal Protection of Women From Violence
Normative Gaps in International Law

Edited by Rashida Manjoo, University of Cape Town, South Africa and Jackie Jones, University of the West of England, UK


Roma Women: Rising Above Discrimination + Roma Info

International Roma Day, 8 April 2018 

Roma people have a long history of living in Europe with a presence recorded from the 13th Century. They are now widely recognized as one of the EU’s largest minority groups with an estimate of more than 10 million Roma living in Europe. The term 'Roma', first chosen at the inaugural World Romani Congress held in London in 1971, is now widely accepted across the European Union (EU) as a generic and pragmatic term to describe a diverse range of communities, tribes and clans.

EUROPEAN ROMA RIGHTS CENTRE – Challenging Discrimination, Promoting Equality - http://www.errc.org/

International Roma Day: How the European Union Supports the Study of Roma Culture, Language & History




EU-Council of Europe Adopts Its Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023

Council of Europe Gender Equality Unit


Gender Equality News   No. 7, April 2018

The Council of Europe adopts its Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023

The Committee of Ministers adopted the new Council of Europe Gender Equality Strategy 2018-2023 during its meeting on 7 March in Strasbourg, France.




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