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Equal Pay - Gender Pay Gap - First International Equal Pay Day

UN Women/Piyavit Thongsa-Ard - A migrant worker sews clothes in a factory in western Thailand. Working more than 12 hours a day, with overtime, they earn less than the minimum daily wage, leaving them with barely enough money for rent, food, or savings.

 “Worldwide, women only make 77 cents for every dollar earned by men. As a result, there’s a lifetime of income inequality between men and women and more women are retiring into poverty.”

Equal Pay Essential to Build a World of Dignity &  Justice for All - First International Equal Pay Day – Priority for Women

18 September 2020 - The United Nations is marking the first ever International Equal Pay Day, on Friday, drawing attention to the gender pay gap – the difference between what a woman earns compared to a man, for work of equal value – and the systemic inequalities it is rooted in. 


Back to School Anxiety Is at an All Time High - Tips for Teens & Parents

Photo credit: Melodie Jeng

By Tony Porter, CEO, A Call to Men

September 8, 2020 - Students are facing so many changes as they return to school this year. The pandemic is forcing all new ways of learning—some students will go back virtually, some on a very limited in-person schedule, and some returning to a full schedule with new mandates to protect the health of the school community. And if living through a global pandemic wasn’t enough, Black and Brown students are living through what is likely the most traumatic time in our history since the Civil Rights movement. In addition to the trauma of witnessing violence against Jacob Blake, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, Black families are coping with the effects of historical trauma and intergenerational racism.

All this anxiety, uncertainty, pain, sadness, and anticipation are coming into classrooms across our country. While everyone—young and old, all races and genders—is experiencing these things, our boys, and especially our Black and Brown boys, need a little extra attention.



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