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Women farmers deserve the right to identity

By Shipra Deo – 18 October 2019

On the 2019 International Day of Rural Women, Landesa’s Shipra Deo explores how land rights are an essential element for overturning misperceptions about the role of women in society and on the farm.

In a workshop with a group of agronomists who work in agriculture extension in India, I ask the participants to draw the picture of a farmer with whom they work. All but one of them draw male figures.

I go to farmer fairs organized by universities, the State Department of Agriculture, and agri-input companies. Most of the farmers visiting there are men. The scientists are men. The company representatives are men. Those organizing meetings and those attending are men.

I attend a policy meeting organized by the state agriculture department.  All sitting on the dais are men. All in the audience are men.


1-in-4 pregnancies unplanned, 2/3 of women foregoing contraceptives – Study


Around two-thirds of sexually active women surveyed in a new UN study indicated that although they wished to avoid or postpone having children, they had stopped relying on contraception out of concern for how it was affecting their health. As a result, around a quarter of all pregnancies are unplanned. 

Research Study: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0010782419304305?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0218187



Shocking gender unbalance in leadership positions in Financial Services

By JUMP Founder - Isabella Lenarduzzi: JUMP – Empowering Women, Advancing the Economy – EU Based

The Place of Women in the Funding of a Capitalist Economy

October 23, 2019 - With the launch of “Women in Finance”, Belgium is finally acquiring an instrument to raise awareness in the financial sector about the strategic importance of corporate gender equality for its performance, as well as for the country’s economic health and finally for building a more egalitarian society. Financial institutions are at the heart of the capitalist system. Their vitality and sense of responsibility are two essential factors in the well-being of our community.


Australia – Engaging men who use violence: Invitational narrative approaches

23 October 2019 - Sustainable change is likely for men who use violence against women and children when a reflective counselling approach is used, according to research published today by Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety (ANROWS).

Engaging men in a conversation about change is one of the key challenges for practitioners working with men who use violence. The report’s findings suggests that an “invitational narrative” approach can build men’s emotional and intentional investment, making sustainable change more likely and contributing to long-term social transformation.

The study found that the approach gives men a safe space to address shame and “reauthor” the story of who they are and how they behave. This supports self-generated and personally meaningful change.

In narrative practice, counsellors use curious, non-judgemental enquiry to encourage men to reflect on their particular circumstances, articulate their "ethical preferences" and identify what prevents them from living in accordance with their stated values.

Direct Link to Full 14-Page 2019 ANROWS Study Report:


Извор: WUNRN - 27.10.2019


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