UPR (Universal Periodic Review) working meeting

The Association for emancipation, solidarity and equality of women of RM – ESE, on 06 March (Thursday), held a joint meeting with the citizen associations in order to review the draft Report of the working group on the Universal Periodic Review and the recommendations that our country should accept until June. The meeting is part of the initiative “Human rights in health care“ and it is financially supported by the Foundations Open Society New York and the Foundation Open Society Macedonia. The purpose of the joint meeting is to reach a common agreement about promotion and advocacy for given recommendations to our state with regard to the protection of the right to health.

The joint meeting was a continuation of our efforts and work towards promotion of the health status of several marginalized groups of population. Part of this process was also the preparation of the Joint report on implementation of the right to health in several vulnerable groups of patients within the mechanism (UPR – Universal Periodic review), which was submitted to the UN Council on human rights.

The following citizen associations attended the meeting: Foundation Open Society Macedonia, Coalition “Sexual and health rights of marginalized communities“, Republic centre for support of people with intellectual disability - PORAKA, H.Е.R.А. Association for health education and research, KHAM Delcevo, Open Gate – La Strada, Roma organization for multicultural affirmation – ROMA SOS, National Roma Centre and LGBTI Centre.

 Source: Association for emancipation, solidarity and equality of women of RM – ESE – 07.03.2014