New Year party for the women beneficiaries of the free services of the Centre for legal assistance and Psychological counseling office of ESE

New Year holidays are period when we all give presents and try to make our surrounding happier.

Like in the past 18 years, this year the association ESE traditionally organizes the New Year party for the children of our clients.

On 28 December 2013 (Saturday) at 11:00 hrs, at the educational centre within the Skopje Zoo, we organized a New Year party for 40 children and their parents. The New Year party was divided in two parts: 30 minutes education for the children about animals and wildlife and 30 minutes party with Santa Clause and giving presents.

This New Year party was also organized to mark and confirm our dedication and work in the field of improving the status of women in our society through social justice and equality.

The New Year party is part of the 2013 Work program of ESE.

The event was supported with donations from: Skopje Zoo; Office Plus, Rotary Club Skopje, Makprogres Vinica and Ramstore Skopje.