Participation in a Study Visit for Social Entrepreneurship in Poznan, Poland

In the frames of the USAID’s Citizen Engagement Project (CEP), a Study Visit for social entrepreneurship in Ponzan, Poland was organized in the period from April 22nd to April 27th, attended by representatives of the civic organizations that are supported under this project. Association ESE with its representative Stojan Mishev participated in the study visit organized by the CEP, Foundation Open Society Macedonia - FOSM and the Foundation Barka from Poland. The purpose of this study visit is to explore the possibilities for greater inclusion of vulnerable groups of citizens from our country in economic activities that will contribute to their strengthening and independence.

During the visit, representatives of the civil society organizations had the opportunity to get acquainted with the model of social economy that is being implemented in Poland, and to visit the relevant institutions, civil society organizations and social enterprises involved in the system of social entrepreneurship. The participants were introduced to the legal regulation of the social economy in Poland, as well as the practical implementation of this model by all competent stakeholders. The role of all institutions involved in the system of social entrepreneurship, such as the Centers for Social Work, the Centers for Professional and Social Integration, the social enterprises, the municipalities, etc., was positively assessed.

Representatives from Macedonia had the opportunity to visit various social enterprises that were organized by vulnerable groups of citizens in various types of economic activities: making lamps for the garden, maintaining parks and greenery, maintaining public roads, preparing food and catering, renting cars, managing a kindergarten, etc.

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