New Year’s Party – 24.12.2016

The New Year's party that ESE traditionally organizes every year before the holidays was organized and carried out again this year on 24th December 2016, with one purpose - social empowerment of our clients and their children as well as children’s education. In this way, we reaffirmed our commitment to our clients, strengthen the cooperation with our permanent and new partners and supporters, brought the joy to children and jointly met the targets.

New Year's party was organized with the help and support of Youth Cultural Center (Children's Creative Center), Tinex MT, Toper, Milfud Lapetit, Kozuvcanka, Vitalia and Makprogres.

For this New Year's party we prepared 30 Christmas presents for the children of ESE’s clients.

Hereby, we are expressing our gratitude for the support in organizing the New Year's party, to our supporters and partners.

This New Year's party is part of the working program of ESE for 2016.

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