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ЕSE joined the protest against the adoption of the proposal for a Law on Abortion

ESE supported the protest held in front of the Assembly of RM on 06.06.2013, which was joined by hundreds of representatives of the civil sector in R.Macedonia. The protest was held against the decision of the Assembly of Republic of  Macedonia to adopt the proposal for a law on abortion in a shortened procedure. The civic organizations requested a complete withdrawal of the law and establishment of working bodies which will be joined by civic organizations and women for joint drafting of the law.

Fierce debate about the Law on Abortion inside the Assembly building, and whistling and protest outside. For the minister of health, Nikola Todorov, the law is good – it protects woman’s health and shall not be subjected to changes.

The opposition requested urgent withdrawal of the disputable law that violates the basic rights of the woman. In their view, a new law is needed, however, under the magnifying glass of the experts and the non-governmental sector. 

While the MPS debated with the minister in the Assembly building, outside the non-governmental organizations with whistles once again requested that the law is withdrawn, with unanimous message: Woman and her health are not a “shortened procedure“.

The deletion of the written request, the presence of the spouse during the counseling and the direct impact of the minister regarding the establishment of the commission that will decide about abortion, were only part of the 15 amendments proposed by the MPs from the ruling coalition, and should be reviewed by the respective parliamentary commission.

The opposition did not submit a single amendment, under the rationale that the law cannot be covered with make-up, but a completely new wording is required. 

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Source: 24 News – 06.06.2013



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