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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.

Training for staff and volunteers from Roma partner organizations

In the period 09th and 10th of November 2015, Association ESE organized training on "Organization of the team and interpersonal relationships" for the representatives of Roma organizations from partner municipalities Shuto Orizari and Delčevo: CDRIM, RRC and Kham. The training was attended by all staff and volunteers of these organizations involved in the implementation of projects aimed at improving Roma health in their communities.

The training was conducted by the Slave Mladenovski, from Institute 4R who was engaged for this purpose by Association ESE. The following topics were covered with the training: basic elements of human resource management, admission and selection of new staff, analysis of work and jobs, a process of setting goals at work, personal procedures for decision-making, and selection of team members.

This training was organized with the aim of strengthening the capacities of all persons from the partner organizations who are engaged in the implementation of the projects on social accountability and paralegal assistance and support in their communities.


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