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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.

Introduction training for paralegal programs

In the period 25-26th of September, Association ESE has organized the initial training for the paralegal programs on the system of health protection, health insurance and protection of patient’s rights. The training was attended by representatives from the Roma partner organizations which are providing paralegal assistance and support in their communities: Center for Democratic Development and Initiative (CDRIM) and Roma Resource Center (RRC) from Shuto Orizari, and Association KHAM from Delcevo.

The participants were addressed by representatives from the institutions involved in the health system: Angelina Bacanovic, Ministry of Health, Mihajlo Kostovski, State Health Insurance Fund and Vera Menkovska, from State Helath and Sanitary Inspectorate. The coordinators and paralegals from paralegal programs were informed in details about the mechanisms for protection of the rights of insured persons and protection of patient’s rights.

The training comprehended theoretical and practical part, and it was constructed to response to the needs of gaining basic knowledge for the new paralegals, and to enrich the knowledge of the existing paralegals. The participants had an opportunity to prepare practically written submissions (demands, petitions) for realization of concrete health rights, such as: right to medical treatment abroad, right to compensation of funds for medical drugs and orthopedic aid, right to information etc.


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