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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.

Training on verbal and nonverbal communication for the paralegal programs

In the period 26-27th of May 2015, Association ESE has organized training on verbal and nonverbal communication for the paralegal programs within Roma partner organizations from Delcevo and Shuto Orizari. The training was delivered by external consultant, Slave Mladenovski from the Institute 4R, as part of ESE’s efforts on the field of strengthening the capacities of local partner organizations.

Prior to the organization of the training, because of the expansion of their work, the three partner organizations have identified persons which will be additionally engaged in the provision of paralegal services or other types of activities implemented by the organizations on the field of improvement of Roma health. Beside the existing coordinators and paralegals, the training was attended by all persons identified by partner organizations, in total 18.  

In relation to the content, the training incorporated the following: principles of communication, methods, verbal and nonverbal communication and practical exercises for communication with clients from the local Roma communities.



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