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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.

Regional Conference “Protection of Victims of Trafficking – Rights-based Approach in Practice”,

Association ESE has participated in the panel presentation within the Regional Conference “Protection of Victims of Trafficking – Rights-based Approach in Practice”, organized by ASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action  on June 1 and 2, 2016 in Belgrad, R. of Macedonia. The event is organized in partnership with International Forum of Solidarity EMMAUS – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Women’s Rights Center – Montenegro, Open Gate – La Strada, Macedonia and La Strada International – the Netherlands.

The Conference was organized within the second phase of the “Balkans ACT (Against Crime of Trafficking) Now!“ that has been implemented in the last four years with support of the European Union (IPA CSF). The conference aimed to present current practices in the four Western Balkans countries: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and FRY Macedonia, in the area of access to compensation for victims of human trafficking, results of the monitoring of national anti trafficking policies and practices in combating human trafficking done on the basis of specially designed methodology and indicators which enable objective insight and analysis, as well as the results of the analysis of judgments for trafficking offences issued by courts in 2015 in these four countries.



Тимска работа и лидерство

Во периодот од 10 до 12 мај, 2016 година Здружението ЕСЕ во соработка со Владо Караев спроведе дводневна работилница за развивање тимска работа и лидерство. Работилницата се одржа во хотел Метропол, Охрид. На работилницата присуствуваа 40 лица претставници на партнерските ромски организации (ЦДРИМ, КХАМ и РРЦ) и претставници на ромската заедница од Шуто Оризари, Делчево, Виница и с. Црник кои во наредниот период ќе учествуваат во спроведувањето на активностите од новиот интегриран концепт на социјална отчетност и правно зајакнување.

Работилницата се спроведе со финансиска поддршка на Фондацијата Отворено Општество Македонија и  Фондациите Отворено Општество, Њујорк.


Regional Working Meeting of the Open Government Partnership in 2016, Bucharest, Romania

On 21 and 22 April 2016, ESE took part in an Open Government Partnership working meeting organized by the United States Embassies in Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Slovakia. This working meeting was held in Bucharest, Romania. It was attended by 26 representatives of civil society organizations, United States Embassies and public institutions that coordinate the Open Government Partnership process in the participating countries.

Good practices in the implementation of Open Government Partnership Initiative and challenges faced by participants in this Initiative at the national level were discussed in this meeting. Also, possibilities for overcoming the identified challenges and mutual cooperation between countries were considered during the meeting.


Работилница за јакнење на капацитетите на ЕСЕ на полето на родово буџетирање

Во текот на март, 2016 година  беше одржана работилница за родово буџетирање на која учествуваше персоналот на ЕСЕ Работилницата беше фацилитирана од страна на меѓународниот експерт  Debbie Budlenderи се одржа во Кејптаун,  Јужно Африканска Република.

На работилницата беа дефинирани целите и приодите за застапување и натамошните чекори на четирите полиња на кои работи ЕСЕ во областа на родово буџетирање: неплатена нега на тешко болни лица; бесплатна правна помош на жените жртви на семејно насилство; мониторинг и анализа на спроведувањето на ОРИО грантот;  и мониторинг и анализа на Националната стратегија за заштита од семејно насилство 2008-2011 година на РМ.

На работилницата ЕСЕ во соработка со експертот подготви нацрт план за работата на ЕСЕ на полето на макроекономска анализа од аспект на човекови правата.




Consultative meeting with IWRAW ASIA PACIFIC for monitoring of ongoing court cases related to violence and discrimination against women

In the period from 1st to 5th April 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand, representatives of ESE attended the consultative meeting of organizations that conduct monitoring of ongoing court cases related to violence and discrimination against women. This event was organized by IWRAW ASIA PACIFIC, organization from Malaysia with extensive experience in providing support to civil society organizations in the process of reporting on the implementation of the UN Convention for Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) on national level. The consultative meeting was attended by national organizations involved in initiatives related to monitoring of the judicial proceedings related to violence and discrimination against women: domestic violence, sexual violence and others. and beside Association ESE  the meeting was attended by organizations from Lebanon and Pakistan.



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