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We are all human: Health care for all people regardless of their ethnicity

General lack of data on the health status, health determinants and access to health care among Roma people, respect for human rights in health care and national legislation’s alignment with international standards on protection and exercise of health-related rights in the Republic of Macedonia imposed the need for the present baseline study to be developed.

Roma  minority  in  RM  is  marginalized  on  multiple  grounds  and  lives  in  more  unfavourable  social  and economic conditions compared to the general population. Lack of health statistics segregated by ethnicity, as well as absence of relevant research studies conducted and developed by competent state institutions, resulted  in  the  fact  that  data  on  these  conditions  among  Roma  people  are  solely  based  on  individual/isolated  knowledge  about  the  situation  in  the  field  and  on  research  reports  that  are  limited  in  scope and  coverage,  developed  by  civil  society  organizations.  Due  to  these  reasons,  ESE  -  supported  by  the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia and the Open Society Foundations – New York – decided to develop this research study on Roma health that would serve as baseline data for monitoring and comparing the situation of Roma people in the Republic of Macedonia.

This baseline study relies on data obtained by means of desk research and analysis of relevant documents and data collected with the survey research conducted on a selected sample of Roma people and members of other ethnic communities living in their vicinity.

We are all human: Health care for all people regardless of their ethnicity







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