Institutional response and organizational policies with regard to the violence at the workplace

The findings and the results from this survey enable to fill the existing vacuum and lack of clear policy and practice to analyze these phenomena, as well as lack of analysis for the action taken by particular institutions, which according to the legislation, are mandated to act in cases of psychological and sexual harassment. Namely, although there is a generally established legal mandate for the action to be taken by these institutions, yet, the procedure, the mechanisms for protection as well as the competencies of each of the formal actors in the system of protection, are not clear and precise. Therefore, there is inability on the part of the worker – victim of violence at the workplace to ensure adequate and efficient protection.

The subject-matter of this analysis, i.e. is to establish the extent of institutional response of the competent institutions to the violence at the workplace, however, also to establish the level of development of the organizational capacities and procedures for prevention and protection of victims of violence at the workplace, implies that several sources of findings and several methodological procedures were taken into consideration. For the needs of the survey, violence at the workplace was limited to two phenomena which were the focus of this survey: psychological harassment (mobbing) and sexual harassment.

The starting point for the realization of the respective survey is the existing legal base in the labor legislation that regulates the stated phenomena, i.e. psychological and sexual harassment at the workplace. This survey is an essential addition to the survey “Violence against women at the workplace”, carried out by ESE.

The structural determination of the report on the conducted survey arises from the subject and the objectives of the survey, and in this context, the report is divided in two units as follows:

Part one: Action taken by institutions and other actors regarding the violence at the workplace (psychological harassment and sexual harassment).

Part two: Organizational policies regarding the violence at the workplace (psychological harassment and sexual harassment).