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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.


Overview of court cases related to violations of labor rights, with a focus on cases of discrimination and harassment in the workplace

Monitoring the level of implementation of women’s human rights, with a focus on violence against women, is an essential part of the work of ESE Association. Observance of the principles of equal opportunities and equal treatment, and the prohibition of discrimination and violence against women are issues of special interest to the Association, and recently, we have followed their implementation and observance by monitoring the caselaw 1, i.e. we have monitored court cases on an ongoing basis and inspected cases closed in the area of violence against women. In addition, the situation regarding harassment in the workplace as a special kind of discrimination, has been the subject of our research on several aspects such as its legal regulation; its presence among female persons and the level of awareness of female employees regarding the use of existing mechanisms for their protection in cases of harassment in the workplace.







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