Australia - National Survey on Sexual Harassment in Workplaces - Widespread & Increased

Australia Human Rights Commission

The Australia Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins, has released findings of the Australian Human Rights Commission’s report Everyone’s Business: Fourth national survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces, confirming that workplace sexual harassment in Australia is widespread, pervasive and has increased significantly in the last six years. Jenkins said, “One in three people surveyed told us they have experienced been sexually harassed at work in the last five years…Almost two in five women and just over one in four men said they have been…These figures are unacceptable…We know from our research that many people are afraid to report their experiences of unwelcome sexual conduct out of fear that they won’t be believed, that it’s not worth it, that they’ll be ostracised, and that it could damage their career,” Jenkins said.

Direct Link to Full 188-Page 2018 Report:

Source: WUNRN – 17.12.2018