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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.

Women's Major Group Position on the 2019 Political Forum: Empowering People & Ensuring Inclusiveness & Equality

The Women’s Major Group (WMG) was created at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where governments recognized Women as one of the nine important groups in society for achieving sustainable development. The WMG is an official participant in the United Nations processes on Sustainable Development. Other processes use the major group or similar systems, with the WMG active in the processes of the United Nations Environment Program since 1996.The Women’s Major Group has the responsibility to facilitate women’s civil society active participation, information sharing and input into the policy space provided by the United Nations (e.g., participation, speaking, submission of proposals, access to documents, development of sessions).The WMG is self-organised and open to all interested organisations working to promote human rights-based sustainable development with a focus on women’s human rights, the empowerment of women and gender equality.

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Source: WUNRN – 18.04.2019


Gender Equality, Nationality Laws and Statelessness 2019

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Publication gives an Overview of Nationality Laws in the Middle East & North Africa, Asia, Africa, & The Americas.


EU Parliament - Resolution on Experiencing Backlash in Women's Rights & Gender Equality in the EU

European Parliament – Resolution on Experiencing Backlash in Women’s Rights & Gender Equality in the EU

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