Association ESE


   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.




The work of the Association is public, and the principles of transparency and accountability are the basic principles from which we are guided in our work. In this way, we report on our work to those we work for, our partners, associates, donors and supporters.

The bodies and executive office of the Association work in accordance with the Statute, Rules of Procedure and all other acts of the Association, thus ensuring compliance with the principles of transparency and accountability.

Strategy, annual programs and work reports

We carefully analyze all relevant international, national and personal data sources for the problems we are working to determine our strategic determinations and to prepare the ESE Strategic Plan. When shaping the plan, we consult and incorporate the opinions of our partners; associates; donors; members of the Executive Board; and staff members of ESE. Analyzed data supplemented with the opinions of the members of ESE, partners, donors and collaborators, inform us about the problems that the most vulnerable and marginalized citizens face regarding the implementation and enjoyment of economic and social rights. They also point to the priority issues that need to be addressed in the medium term.

At the moment ESE works on the implementation of the Strategic Plan 2020-2024, i.e. addresses the following problems: there is no citizen participation in the processes of planning, implementation and evaluation of the legislation, budgets and services; there is no equal access to justice and there is a low level of fiscal transparency.

Annual work programs present annual plans of activities on the strategic determinations and goals set out in the Strategic Plan. With the Annual reports we report on the results achieved annually. The annual reports also include annual reports on the financial performance of ESE.

The financial performance of ESE is also subject to regular annual financial audits conducted by external independent auditors.











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